For those of you that don’t know me, I’m Annie and I’m a senior stylist at Holben Hairdressing, which is just the best place to be as I get to do the job that I’m passionate about as well as work alongside two of my closest friends, George and Claire in a beautiful new salon.

In 2015, I became Mrs Davis. Preparing and planning for my wedding was such a mix of emotions, from extreme happiness and excitement on the one side to total frustration and stress on the other! I’m sure all the brides to be reading this know what I’m talking about! One of the highs of my planning was working out the look I wanted for my big day, and hair and make up was as important as the dress!
Being the client and working with George on the ideas I had made me realise how important team work between bride and hairdresser is and how lucky I was to have an existing relationship with her. Also, how important the pampering was in calming my nerves on the Big Day! This got me thinking and I decided that I wanted to recreate my experience for others…

And that’s when I decided that 2016 would see me venturing into the world of Bespoke Bridal & Occasion Hair, offering clients a service that’s all about them. A holistic service tailored to their individual needs, one that builds a relationship with them and their hair; helping to get the hair into tip top condition. A service that listens to their wishes, respects their ideas and offers suggestions, one that works with them to create the hairstyle that completes and compliments the look they’ve chosen for their Big Day/Special Occasion.

So please, have a look through my work on my website or see the latest action on Facebook and Instagram.

If you like what you see, you can send me a e-mail to annieeelizabethbbh@hotmail.co.uk, get in touch via Facebook or call/text me on 07535645722.

See you soon,

Annie x


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